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Sallie Draper (WELS Technology) 2019-11-06 4:25:44pm
Hi Virginia -

Thanks so much for your question. I'm excited to learn of your interest in Computer Science and in using your gifts to serve the mission of the church!! I can't say that I had that much insight or desire to serve when I was your age, so I really admire that.

My short answer to your question is ... God will provide works for your hands that use the gifts he has given you.

This has been true for me throughout my life. In college I double majored in Math and Secondary Education. Through the years I've held jobs as a high school math teacher, an insurance underwriter and analyst, a mom (almost left this one off, and it's my favorite job ever), and for WELS Technology doing help desk, software testing, podcasting, and a variety of other tasks. Woven throughout those years, God has given me a wide variety of learning opportunities and experience that have allowed me to assist on ministry-related efforts including developing church websites, doing communication planning, and doing software development. My business skills lent themselves well to serving on the board of directors for a thrift store that supports WELS ministries. Eventually I chaired the board and applied and won a large grant to assist the work there. None of those contributions weren't solely because of my Math/computer skills which I developed in college, but my studies served as a springboard which I nurtured/grew with on the job experience and which equipped me to commit to help when needs arose in the church.

All this because God provided and equipped me for doing good works. And I'm confident he will do the same for you!

God bless your studies, Virginia. :-)
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