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Virginia Chourio (Divine Savior Academy) 2019-11-05 11:49:48pm
Good Evening. I am amazed you were able to make an app from scratch that works on all platforms so easily. It is surprising how much technology has advanced that now it is so simple to create an app that can truly make a difference. For example, with your app, you were not only able to cut down paper use, but also facilitate the lives of the people attending the Summit, which is incredible. I was just introduced to coding, computer science, and the process of developing an application a year ago and I have completely fallen in love with it. I love how people can use both their creative and logical sides to come up with amazing platforms and apps that are then available to the public through the click of a button. One struggle that I was presented with is that as a senior in high school, my friends are looking for careers that allow them to share God's word either directly or indirectly. After giving it some thought, I realized doing this through computer science may not be as successful as incorporating a religious message on a movie or office. Do you have any advice on how to successfully serve God through the field of computer science? Do you think churches and religious organizations such as youth groups would be willing to incorporate technology and applications to their schedules? Thank you!
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