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Paul Grubbs (MLC) 2019-10-24 5:46:47pm
Dr. Heise,

I appreciated your mention of Brand Luther - I teach a Film and Mass Media course at Martin Luther College and read Pettegree’s book this past summer while preparing for the new session. It was too late for me add the title to this semester’s reading requirements, but, I’m considering using it the next time the class is offered. I thought it was a fascinatingly focused study of how Luther engaged with then-modern media to advance his understandings of God’s Word.

Reading over your information made me wonder which nations are not “digitally penetrable” when it comes to spiritual materials. Are there areas of the world that you’re already aware prohibit the average internet user from gaining access to your on-line materials? How does your organization respond in situations where on-line faith materials are filtered or even forbidden entirely?

Thanks again for your contribution to the conference.
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