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Matthew Heise (Lutheran Heritage Foundation) 2019-10-29 3:05:04pm
Thank you for your comments, Paul! I'm sorry for my delay as I am just returning from a celebration with the Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (15 year anniversary), 85% of whose members grew up Buddhist! I found Brand Luther equally enticing, having had little knowledge, or better yet, appreciation for Luther's prescient use of technology in the service of the restored Gospel message. (I would also highly recommend Robert Kolb's "Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God").
As for nations that are not digitally penetrable, I am not entirely certain how many nations might ban Christian digital resources. Having taught English one summer in mainland China (2000), my subsequent correspondence with students was curtailed when my e-mails were "rejected for content." That content clearly included the use of words such as "God" and "Jesus Christ." So I know China is difficult to penetrate digitally.
Among other nations, I am aware that Islamic nations like Sudan and Iran block access to certain websites, especially Christian. Most troubling to me, though, is the news that Russia is now exploring a centralized means of controlling access to the worldwide web in order to limit information flow across Russian cyberspace. In that respect, if nations begin to control access to the web, books can still provide the Good News. How that is done in some of these nations I can't share publicly, unfortunately. Thanks so much for your questions! Blessings on your teaching!
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