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Alexander Heiman ((Martin Luther College)) 2019-10-24 4:55:56pm
Mr. Hochmith

The ministry through mailing idea seems unique and ingenious. It is much easier to send mail to a correctional facility than to send a person in to try and talk to them. It is also safer, and I think that this is a great way to spread God’s Word inside prison. I think it is amazing that you can reach so many individuals for the same cost that it would take to start two home churches.

You showed in the diagram that the Bible self-study classes have a test, and also a certificate at the end. This certificate was mailed to the individual after completion of the test. I was wondering what was the purpose behind this certificate, and also if there are any connections in doing the Bible study and having a pen pal? Does the individual have to do the Bible study to receive a pen pal, or does the pen pal encourage them to take the Bible study?

Thank you for this eye-opening presentation on prison ministry. God’s Blessings on your ministry.
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