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Jack Heichelbech (MLC) 2019-10-24 5:43:42pm
Mr. Hocmuth

I’ve always been curious about WELS Prison Ministry. Thank you for sharing so much information about it! I had no idea all the volunteer efforts that go into making it all happen. I think it’s incredible how God’s word can reach all places. The impact it has on the inmates is something that should be cherished and used as aa motivator. I am inspired just by reading the two messages.

I am curious, do inmates prefer written paper tests and penpals? For me personally, logistics aside, I feel like I would much more enjoy receiving actual physical mail to hold on to and keep as motivation and reminders, especially from a penpal. In your experience, would you say that the physical mail is more meaningful to inmates? But I see flaws in your presentation with the mailing process. I wonder, is it possible to start the process over email or in some digital format to use as an outreach tool and then ask the inmates if they’d prefer actual mail? I understand the limitations of both technology and the old fashioned way, but I would think the inmate interested in learning would know his institution’s policies on incoming and sending mail, as well as their policies with technology. This way, an inmate could use the way he prefers to learn (mail or technology) and maybe he could explain how to send things into his institution that abide by the policies. Maybe we could use both technology and mail to work around the existing problems.

I’m very excited to see the work of WELS Prison Ministry continue to reach and save souls! God’s Blessings, Jack Heichelbech.
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