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Micah Otto (MLC) 2019-10-24 5:49:01pm

David Hochmuth,

Thank you so much for sharing your function in ministry today. For people that may be so lost and hopeless, it is great to hear about the opportunity we have to give them that hope of Jesus! My favorite part about this ministry are the efforts to continually bring the inmates that personal connection with a pen pal or whoever it may be. The personal connections reflect on the personal connection Christ has with us, therefore they are ultimately able to see Christ through us! I love that.

This article did a great job in raising my awareness about WELS PM. I would certainly love to be involved in PM and show Chirst love to someone in need of it. One question I have is how often do pen pals typically write back and forth? Is it more every week or every month or whatever, I would be interested to know.

Thank you for spreading the awareness of PM in your presentation. God’s Blessings!
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