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Dave Hochmuth (WELS Prison Ministry) 2019-10-28 9:33:53pm
Thank you Alexander for taking the time to read the presentation. The certificate has a few different benefits. For one, it gives the inmate some positive reinforcement which, in many cases, has been a rare thing. This provides some additional motivation to continue completing the studies and submitting the tests, even when the the cost to mail the tests can be high for them. The inmates also use the certificates as evidence for the parole board that they are taking steps to make changes in their lives. Granted, some may be submitting tests purely for the earthly benefit of making a good impression at a parole hearing. But they are still being exposed to God's Word and we pray that even if the motivation is not pure, the Spirit may use the seeds of God's Word that we have planted to grow true faith at some point. Also, there is no connection per se between submitting tests and having a pen pal. An inmate can do either or both. We encourage our pen pals to encourage the inmates to strive to grow closer to Jesus using whatever means are available to them, including reading the Bible, doing our studies, attending worship or Bible classes, if present.
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