Return to Help Bring Prison Ministry in the United States into the 21st Century

Hunter Ahlness (Bethany Lutheran College) 2019-11-04 5:31:39am
Mr. Hochmuth,
I want to begin by saying that I clicked on your article solely because I saw the words prison and ministry in the same headline and was intrigued. I was completely unaware of any form of ministry or the gospel in prison. In fact, I was just listening to a podcast that mentioned the lack of Bibles in prison. I am so impressed and in awe of the work you and your peers have done to help bring the Lord's word to the incarcerated. When I began reading the article, I immediately thought to improve the system by moving more toward and electronic approach and I thought that, you mentioned that exact thing in your article. I can see how the use of tablets and email can be dicey in prison and there are many constrictions. I did think about possibly creating a Bible self-study app, where people like yourself and others who are working to bring the Lord's word to the incarcerated can have a ready-made program available for download on a tablet or electronic device that is available to prisoners. The app would have to be approved by the prison, of course, but an app would allow the tests to be already available and graded right away. I am sure you have already thought of an app and the negatives may outweigh the positives, but just a thought. Thank you for writing such an informative and compelling article. I will keep brainstorming and looking into ways to improve this system.
Hunter Ahlness
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