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Kristin Grassell ((BLC)) 2019-11-05 5:00:53am
I found your presentation rather intriguing. I knew that WELS had Prison Ministry who personally met with various inmates, but I had no idea that this whole system existed on top of it. I think that what you are doing is amazing and I will be praying for you and your continued success. This system of actively involving the inmates not only distracts them from the time they have to serve, but more importantly brings many into God's eternal family. I unfortunately cannot offer much more help than continued prayers and spreading awareness. One question I have that comes to mind is how are the pen pals chosen if an inmate wishes to have one? Are they writing a WELS member or pastor or someone different? Also, if there are multiple inmates within a single prison taking the same course, are they able to meet with each other? I am unaware of the rules and regulations within prisons, but I would appreciate understanding if that is a possibility for them. Thank you!
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