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Isaiah Butler (Wisconsin Lutheran College ) 2019-10-21 8:01:51pm
I really enjoyed your article about the internet. You do make some interesting cases about the internet and why it is bad. I totally agree that you have those people out there looking to scam others, but all in all I believe the internet is very joyful place. Also, it is a place to get away form the real world. I think you have to be more "internet savey." You said you have problems keeping up with new things that pop on the internet. I believe that is a difference in generations. Growing up, the internet was in its infant stages. Now, as I have progressed my education, the internet has made strides to become this great "being." You can interact with different people, create different projects, and find your favorite bible passages like you said.

All in all I believe the internet is great thing for all. Yes, there can be some bad things to happen, but you have to know how to use it. That really speaks to the difference of generations. The internet is the great equalizer in today's society.
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