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Judy Kuster (conference moderator) 2019-10-23 3:02:34am
Thanks for the response, Benjamin. I agree with you. You said, " Having an understanding of how to use it is very important." It made me think of so many new doors that are open because of the Internet. A few examples - In my field, people in rural areas where speech therapy is difficult to find, can be served online. People are working on degrees online or taking classes that are not offered in their high schools and colleges. Doctors are diagnosing and treating patients in remote areas online (even in Antarctica). I believe WELS counselors are currently offering counseling online where people cannot access Christian counseling elsewhere. And my daughter has been able to keep her full-time job as a bank executive in Minneapolis for the past two years through the Internet while living in Florida and commuting to Minneapolis one week each month when her husband took as call to the WELS Doral high school and he is also currently working on an advanced degree offered on the other side of the country. And this online conference is reaching people all around the world, without having to travel, pay for a hotel room, and only being able to attend a few sessions which would happen in a regular conference. The Internet can indeed "be used in many good ways."

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