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Diana Escalona (Martin Luther College) 2019-10-24 5:32:06pm

Mrs. Kuster,

I thoroughly enjoyed your article, and particularly loved how you mentioned so many reasons to not love the internet. In today’s world the internet has become such an essential part of peoples’ everyday lives, and it is crazy to see how much impact it has in them. It’s almost crazy how much we are dependent on it, yet it still contains so many flaws. What I enjoyed the most, though, was the fact that you put a positive spin on the uses of the internet. These positive comments helped me realize that although the internet can be a scary place at times, it can still offer us so many benefits, such as with listening to sermons online as you mentioned, which is something I personally find very convenient with having such a busy schedule.

After reading your article, I had one question. You mentioned in your article that you use the internet to search for Bible passages and daily devotions. I was curious about how you feel about using the online versions of these versus using a physical Bible of devotional book. Do you prefer having it physically, or do you just simply prefer the online version? In my personal experiences, I’ve found that at times using the online version tends to take away from the message for me. I find this especially thought-provoking when it comes to identifying context in Bible passages, or even something as simple as not being able to focus when I try to read online with ads sometimes popping up out of nowhere, or notifications almost begging me to open them.

Thank you for your contribution to the conference!
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