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Judy Kuster (conference moderator) 2019-10-24 8:19:31pm
Caleb, Interesting question. I've always been interested in genealogy and have worked extensively on my own for many years. It is sad to me that one of the differences in my generation and yours is that my generation seems more interested in family history and even physical treasures that are passed on from generation to generation. I have one of the broaches that my g-g-grandmother gave to each of her daughters. These daughters have passed that broach down to a daughter, niece or granddaughter for generations. I have one that came to me through my g-grandmother, great aunt who had no daughters, and mother. I don't see that same interest in preserving family history or physical treasures in many of the current generation. Many times I've wished that I could visit with my grandparents again about their grandparents and their own histories.

MLS was a treasure in my childhood and I've worked to preserve the history of that school online at Answering your question "is there any other reason that you take it upon yourself to track down the students and invite them to the group?" Occasionally other former students have come across that page and have interesting stories and memories they have shared with me. Other schools are online that have virtual school reunions on Facebook and I decided to start one for MLS. Sometimes new members ask, "Can you find out what happened to my old friend so-and-so" and that starts the search. It is just fun for me to add people to the group;-)
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