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Judy Kuster (conference moderator) 2019-10-28 12:49:20pm
This is in answer to the question (accidentally deleted, sorry) about how hard it was to find members for the Madison Lutheran School Facebook group. When we started the group, it was not all that difficult to find people my co-founder and I knew from our classes and still remembered and often had contact with. But there are several challenges with locating the over 1000 people i've identified who attended MLS. I know some that I remember have died and many on the list are probably already over age 65, it isn't easy to "grow the group." There are several I've found who do not have a computer or do not have a FaceBook account and don't want to create one. It is a challenge with the girls (now women) have often gotten married and taken their husband's last name. We do already have 90 (but that is less than 10%). I've been searching for probably 3 years already and don't have a lot of time to hunt for more people at the moment. When things settle down in my life, I'll probably work more at tracking down others. It's always fun when I can introduce a new member;-)
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