Return to Digitally Recognizing Military Service in Our Churches and Schools

Jeremy Fluegge (Martin Luther College) 2019-10-24 5:43:10pm
Dr. Kuster,
I appreciated your article bringing my attention to the Digital Military Recognition program that has been implemented in the ELS. My younger brother is a member of the Army National Guard and is considering active duty military as a career so I am pleased to hear that churches are doing what they can to support and appreciate military service members in their congregations and church bodies. I also was pleased to see that the DMR program includes deceased, retired, and active military personnel. Most importantly, a service like this will allow believers to include soldiers in their prayers, which is invaluable for those serving our country.
After reading your article, I had a few questions. Are you aware of programs similar to this one in other synods and churches? If not, how might one go about raising awareness for this cause of military recognition? I have no doubt that positive Christian encouragement and prayers for our military brothers and sisters in Christ would be rewarding and edifying for all involved.
Thank you for your contribution to the conference.