Return to Digitally Recognizing Military Service in Our Churches and Schools

Maddie Hart (Bethany Lutheran College ) 2019-11-04 10:58:44pm
Tom Kuster,

I think this is a really cool idea. I think it is a great way to acknowledge those serving and help those at home feel supported by their church community. It is unfortunate that this could end up costing the church down the road financial to upkeep it. However, I do think it would be worth it! As someone who has close family and friends actively in the military as well as veterans I think this is really cool and very heartwarming to know. I would really like to bring it to my church in southern MN as well. There is a significant portion of our congregation that has military relatives or is themself a veteran. I think this would be a really cool way to help thank them and their loved ones as well as make us closer as a congregation. I also wonder if you couldn't even take this Digital project a step farther, if you haven't already. In the past I have worked with volunteer groups to help organize care packages and letters to send overseas to active military. I think it would be really cool to be able to do "Prayer Hands" (or a form of thank you/prayer cards that are interactive). Unfortunately, this would probably also come with a cost for postal services. This is even something that maybe the kids could do for a project to help them get involved. I think that it would be a nice way to not only tell the active duty service members, but also make action to show them as well as they may not see the active efforts. Overall, I think this is and was a great idea. I look forward to looking out for these messages again this year!!

Maddie Hart