Return to XR for XRistos - Taming Extended Reality for the Lord

Tom Kuster (Christ in Media Institute) 2019-10-24 10:03:04pm
You ask excellent questions, Caleb, and they need answers. That's why we are launching this project: because we think that people like YOU are the best ones to find answers to them. I know that Michigan State University has invested a lot into its CARISMA VR installation and is actively using it to explore educational applications. Not to lag behind its rival, the University of Michigan a couple months ago announced a major high priced initiative to develop educational applications for VR (Google it!). I've been talking to some staff members at your school inviting them to form a student team to take part in the XR Project and Festival described above. Want to join it? We'd love to see you over at Bethany next April as part of the Festival!
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