Return to XR for XRistos - Taming Extended Reality for the Lord

JuanDa Escobar (Martin Luther College) 2019-10-25 3:52:21pm

Dr Kuster,

I would've never thought that these new VR technologies would be available for a christian use. The project and festival you are offering sounds fascinating to me, and I would love to assist if possible. Nowadays where technology is taking over and these VR devices are being frequently used, it is important for christians to adapt and create new ways to share the message of the Gospel with the masses.

After reading your article, I had a couple questions. Is this the first time you have provided this festival at your current college? Do you agree that although anyone can participate, it would be better if the people that do have a profound background knowledge in order to provide a better product? And, do you plan to merchandise these concepts in the near future?

Thank you for your contribution to the conference.
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