Return to XR for XRistos - Taming Extended Reality for the Lord

Tom Kuster (Christ in Media Institute) 2019-10-26 4:11:49am
This is our first - and probably only - XR Project and Festival. Its purpose is to get people thinking about how this technology can be used for the Lord. Back in 2012 we hosted a similar project. That was when it was becoming clear that soon, in fact already, everybody in the world would have a cell phone so we asked: how can this technology be used to reach out with the Gospel? We enlisted students from our high schools and colleges to answer that question. Now, as you know, there is extensive outreach using mobile devices in many world mission fields. We are trying the same approach now with XR, extended reality. As for merchandizing: we certainly don't anticipate making any money on this. The conference is being funded primarily by donors who believe in the project. We do have a corporate partner, ByteSpeed, and we'll be happy to help them promote their products and services.
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