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Phil (St Mark) 2019-10-21 5:55:34pm
Facebook ads using the manage ad tab is a powerful and simple tool every church and school in the WELS should use. With WELS budgets often tight, Facebook ads get a big bang for their buck. I went through a class Dr. Lemke taught last year, and one of the topics was Facebook ads. I applied those principals to Trunk or Treat last year and this year. The ads reached over 30,000 people and resulted in hundreds of people attending both years! It was so successful this last Friday, we had a line of people waiting for candy (over 30 minutes!!!). With both ads, we spent a total of $125, and our return was much more valuable than the investment. We had someone join our church from the event last year, ad gained a ton of contacts from this year's event. Now more people are seeing the benefit of doing this, and we are planning to do more of these ads at our congregation with a very specific outreach plan!
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