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Alexis Gantner / Nathan Sargent (Wisconsin Lutheran College) 2019-10-24 1:03:37am
Hi Dr. Lemke,

I've found your article very insightful due to the fact that I'm a PR major at WLC. Currently, Nathan and I are taking a PR class in which we had to create our own organization. Nathan's group created a hypothetical Lutheran School. Our teacher had given us insightful information regarding different forms of media advertisement, some of which included references to Mail Chimp. Our recent assignment was to plan a special event for our organizations. That meant we had to think about the strategies and tactics of getting the word out about the special event. It has become very relevant in this day and age for information to be exposed through digital media, especially those forms of Facebook and Instagram. In both of our organizations, we discussed using forms of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to spread the word about our events. One of our key targets in the WELS is towards millennials and potential pastors and teachers, which we are in need of. In order to reach this target public, we can begin to connect on forms of social media because the world is becoming more and more tech-savvy. Facebook ads are becoming a popular thing, and as a member of the WELS, I think it's a vital tool for us to use in order to spread God's gospel. We should optimize these media tools to benefit our Synod in the best ways possible.

Thank you for your contribution!
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