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Kaitlyn Roux (Martin Luther College) 2019-10-25 1:41:41am
Dr. Lemke,

As one preparing to go into the teaching ministry, I found your suggestions for digital communication particularly interesting. I have recently become familiar with Facebook ads and Mailchimp through running the social media for a small business. I think that the ability to track and target posts and emails translates well into social media use for churches and schools to open “up a world of possibilities for targeting your message and extending your reach.” It is exciting that a church or school’s posts can reach such large audiences to both invite and inform.

I did have a question while I was reading your article. Social media ads have easily accessible pages to back them up, and emails are usually signed up for by the recipient. Your mention of Google ads had me wondering how viewers respond to Google ads for a church or school. I am usually wary to click on an internet ad. If using Google is a “next wise step” what are some things that churches or schools should consider doing to make their ads credible?

Thank you for the article you presented!
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