Return to Children of the Light - Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Maya Aden (Martin Luther College) 2019-10-24 5:48:20pm
Mrs. Schmal and Mrs. Ross,

I really enjoyed reading about the project you put together. I think that having these books as an option for children to read could be incredibly beneficial for children coming of age and learning what it means to let our light shine as Christian people. Modeling for children how to witness their faith without directly preaching the Gospel news is important for kids and young adults who might not necessarily be eager to jump into direct evangelism.

I was wondering if you had a more specific age group that you intended these books for as you wrote and illustrated them? Additionally, do you think these books could be marketed and successful in the secular world, or do you foresee them being read mostly in Christian circles?

Thank you for your contribution to the conference.
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