Return to Children of the Light - Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Leanne Ross (illustrator ) 2019-10-25 2:22:45pm
Maya - thank you for your comments on The Children of the Light series. When Mary began writing the series she was thinking of the books being specifically middle school novels. As time and writing/illustrating went on and as people began reading the series their feedback has expanded our consideration in this regard. The stories have taken on a much larger audience base than we had at first thought. Many adults have told us that we should not only think of them as children's books but market them as children through adult novels. That description seems to be more accurate.

Your question about the secular world is interesting. We have sold many of the Children of the Light series books in Door County, Wisconsin. The books are popular there because of the location. People visiting Door County want books that speak to the area in general and also lighthouses. As we sell them in that area we always tell them about the spiritual aspect and for many of them that is a bonus. Some are aware of the Fruit of the Spirit and some are not. Often we see their eyes light up with delight at that aspect of the books. We aren't always aware of their religious background but are happy that they will read our books, and pray that the Christian message is clear to them.
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