Return to Children of the Light - Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Mary Schmal (Author) 2019-10-25 3:04:42pm
Katie, thank you for your comments. I agree that book illustrations enhance the reading. Through her frequent drawings throughout each book, Leanne Ross cleverly brings out aspects of the book that pull readers into the story, be it in scenes of nature, showing an historic object described in the story, or an insight into a character. I agree that pictures jump start the imagination. Leanne's drawings do it so well.

To address your question about reading the novels alone or alongside class discussions, both are appropriate. Many who have bought the books are outside my circle of acquaintance, and I have no idea if these readers are discussing the content with others. Hopefully, the messages are clear enough to create spiritual understanding. If, however, students read one of the novels together and have the chance to discuss historic ideas as well as spiritual concepts,the understanding is enhanced. Feedback from a teacher in Wisconsin tells us the Study Guide that accompanies Book 1 has launched many interesting class conversations.
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