Return to Children of the Light - Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Leanne Ross (illustrator ) 2019-10-25 8:43:15pm
Hi Diana - Thanks for your comments and questions. If by "this type of formatting/set-up" you mean to imbed the spiritual message in adventure or mystery, the format has been used before (think of C. S. Lewis and the Narnia series). I believe there are a multitude of Christian topics that could be treated in the same way. Almost any topic that Luther addressed in the catechism could be the underlying subject of such an adventure story. Children learn by example and are drawn to stories. Jesus was the master storyteller and used the technique to get His point across to His disciples often.

Mary and I hope this series will be used in the classroom. We have developed the Study Guide for book 1 and will create them for the other books as well to aid teachers in using the books in literature classes. We have been presenters at the teacher's conference in southeastern Wisconsin with a sectional on how to use any novel in a literature class using book 1, The Wandering Pirate Ship, as an example. Teachers of upper grade students (5th through 8th grades) can have students read the books on their own. Questions and activities can draw out the spiritual meaning and help the teacher understand the depth of comprehension of his or her class. Every class can be different in maturity and education level. The teacher will be the best judge of how much can be done independently and what information may need more guidance. The book can also be used in grades 3 and 4 as a read aloud. Because the students are younger some may not be able to understand without teacher guidance, but when explained the message will bring about good class discussion and learning through related activities. There probably is no black and white answer to your question about what age level the series would work best for since class make-up changes from year to year, but as you become an experienced teacher you learn to recognize what will work best for your class. Hope this helps.
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