Return to Children of the Light - Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Mary Schmal (Author) 2019-10-25 8:58:33pm
Diana, thank you for your comments! I am glad the series sounds interesting to you!

Just today I chatted with an author who is doing something similar regarding the Ten Commandments. Her book or books will be geared toward third and fourth graders (In my head I am also thinking about another spiritual message that might be conveyed through fiction to very young children. However, it's too early to talk about my theme. Have to finish this series first!) Whatever spiritual message fascinates an author is a good topic around which to develop a stand-alone book or series. Perhaps you are an author who wishes to tackle such a project. As an author, you can choose a spiritual concept that interests you, do much research, ask many questions, and ponder what you wish to present and which audience you wish to reach. Finally, and most importantly, a Christian author always, always relies on the Holy Spirit to convey the clarity of Scriptures. Whether an author's narrative is modern or historical, the ageless truth of God's Word on any topic can and will convey to readers God's unchanging love to fallen mankind and mankind's inability this side of Heaven to fully comprehend such amazing grace.

Leanne and I are developing Study Guides to accompany each book in the series. Like the books themselves, the guides are directed toward upper grade elementary students (Grades 6-8). However, any teacher of middle school children (Grades 4-5) can decide if the books and guides will work in his or her setting. When Leanne and I visited a classroom that was reading Book 1, The Wandering Pirate Ship, we were amazed at the spiritual insights of the sixth-grade students. The classroom teacher was using the Study Guide to promote discussion. We clearly noted how the students were thinking about the meaning of love--exactly what character Lillian Bates in the story is directed to do. Lillian has no Study Guide, but the Lord places in her life three diverse Christian mentors: Miss Garnet, Miss Ruby, and Miss Tourmalina. Teens and adults have remarked that these three mysterious ladies have captured their interest. Perhaps they are pondering their own spiritual impact upon today's younger generation.
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