Return to Children of the Light - Using a Book Series to Reveal the Nine Fruit of the Spirit

Leanne Ross (illustrator ) 2019-10-31 5:31:38pm
Mary has given an in depth reply to your question so I will be brief. A focus on where the motivation for the children's "good deeds" comes from in the Children of the Light series can also be depicted in the illustrations. The very first picture in the chapter one in book one shows Iona Bates, mother/aunt of the Children of the Light, praying over scripture she has been studying. It is a clear message to her daughter Lillian (and those reading the story) that she relies on God as her guide. Another such illustration is later in the Wandering Pirate Ship when Lillian discovers the Book on the desk in the cottage open to a passage Miss Ruby wants her to discover. Our hope is that through the story and the illustrations the true motivation for Christian behavior becomes clear to the reader.
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