Return to Using Tablets in Ministry to Christian Seniors

Pastor Roger E. W. (Lutheran Home Chaplain) 2019-10-22 8:55:03pm
Thanks Emily for your encouraging comments. If I were still an active parish pastor, I would find even more ways to use a tablet in making calls.
For the Bible Classes that I conduct at the Senior Living places, I use Power Point with pictures, clip art, Christian songs and hymns, the Bible lessons are projected so that everyone can follow along. My first slide is a welcome slide followed by pictures of church bells and the ringing of the church bells. This gets everyone in the mind set for Bible Study and worship. We end the Bible Class with a Bible Bingo called Loved. This was developed by MLC students for the Jesus Cares Ministries many years ago. I have made my own Bible Bingo Pages that follow the Bible Stories both for OT and NT stories. This is a review of the story while having some fun.