Return to Using Tablets in Ministry to Christian Seniors

Nicole Rohrick (Martin Luther College) 2019-10-24 6:58:24pm

Pastor Woller,

I enjoyed reading through your experiences using a tablet in ministry to seniors or those in the hospital. I was especially interested in the use of the tablet to bring pictures and hymns (with organ accompaniment) to those who otherwise would not be able to view or listen to them. The impact it can have, like bringing back memories through a simple song, is astounding!

While your article goes through many of the benefits of using a tablet in ministry to seniors, and even some of the troubles you could have, I wanted to know if there have ever been problems for the members while using the tablet? I know of people getting distracted by technology or even getting upset. Have there been problems with seniors having difficulties learning how to use the technology? How do you deal with these problems?

Thank you for sharing your insights.