Return to Using Tablets in Ministry to Christian Seniors

Kelsey (Wisconsin Lutheran College) 2019-10-29 2:23:15am
Thank you pastor for the article!

I love hearing stories about the news ways churches are adapting to senior citizen's needs. Tablets are a great way to connect with people of all ages, children through seniors. I really appreciated your example of the woman who had dementia. My Nana has dementia and we gave her an iPad to enjoy and continue to use her motor skills to keep her active and thinking. We put Spider, Suduko, number games, spelling games, and even a piano and listening game on there. She enjoys it so much and it certainly helps her remember things. This is a great idea and what is amazing is the older members of the church don't have to use the tablet on their own. The way that you are there guiding and assisting them in the process takes the pressure off them and gives them an enjoyable experience the whole time.